Hong Kong and Shenzhen Tour Photographs

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These photos were taken on a 2006 tour of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China.  All photos were taken by Tim Berens, except as noted.

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To read a travelogue about the tour, click here.  

Hong Kong

My travelling companions (left to right):  
Marc Wolfley, Maestro Kunzel, 
Mrs. Kunzel, Elin Chu

Hong Kong from above

Hong Kong again from above

Buy a comb, dude.
Above photo by Marc Wolfley

Street scene in Macau

One of Hong Kong's many ferries

A harbor full of yachts in Hong Kong

The same harbor, closer

He looks like a living toy

Riding on this thing scared me silly


Shenzhen, China

There are hundreds (thousands?) of residential apartment buildings like this in Shenzhen.

And these.  All of these building were constructed after 1980.

And these, which are of the low cost variety.

More low cost housing in Shenzhen.

With an amplifier in one hand, and 2 guitars in the other, I tripped over this 2 inch high bump in the floor beneath a doorway.  Look down when you walk through a doorway in China.  These are everywhere.

A toilet.  Don't ask.

My view of the world during a rehearsal.

One of Shenzhen's many spectacular skyscrapers at night.

I was so delighted to see English that grammar just didn't matter.

The air pollution almost extinguished the morning sun.

Bamboo scaffolding is routinely used for construction projects.

A street scene in Shenzhen.  Notice how slim everybody is.

Marc Wolfley and Xiaomei Zhang

Home away from home:  
The Wuzhou Guest House

One of dozens of magnificent skyscrapers that have been built in the past 25 years in Shenzhen

A close-up of that ball thing from the picture to the left.  What is it?




Somebody was always watching.


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