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Orchestras that are performing the soundtrack to the Disney Pixar Movie Coco will need to hire two guitarists to play the sound track.  The first guitar part is the most complex part in the entire orchestral guitar repertoire, short of a concerto.  It takes a rare guitarist to play the part. 

Tim Berens has played both the guitar 1 and guitar 2 parts on Coco.  He is available to work with your orchestra.

Tim brings a wealth of knowledge about how to play this amazing guitar part, and will help the player hired to play the second guitar part to learn the part. 

John Varineau, conductor of the Grand Rapids Symphony, offered these thoughts:

"Hiring Tim to play the guitar #1 part for Coco was the smartest thing we did for that production. First of all, Tim knows the part cold. Secondly, he knows how to play with an orchestra, follow a conductor, and follow a click-track. Third, his artistry brought the whole production to another level. When I was first brought on to conduct Coco, I thought "How am I ever going to get this rehearsed in the allotted time?" and "how am I going to line up the guitar part with the rubato singing?" The fact that Tim knew the score so well enabled us to get everything thoroughly rehearsed and we dismissed early. And Tim knew the rubato singing so well that I didn't even have to conduct. The way Tim's playing lined up with the close-up animation Miguel's guitar playing was uncanny. There is no doubt in my mind that it was Tim that made our performance of Coco the outstanding success that it was instead of a near disaster! "

John Varineau.  Conductor, Grand Rapids Symphony

 Coco Performances by Tim Berens

Year Orchestra Number of Performances
2019 Utah Symphony 2
2021 Cincinnati Pops Orchestra 2
2023 Toronto Symphony Orchestra 2
2023 Grand Rapids Symphony 2

Reach out to Tim through the Contact Page if your orchestra needs a guitarist to play the Guitar 1 or 2 parts from the movie Coco.  His 38 years as the guitarist for the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra prepared him well to play this challenging part with the style and flair the part deserves.

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